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Concerned with the rapid deterioration of the island’s economy, a group of seven law students at the University of Puerto Rico decided to launch this law review in August 2009. The Journal will publish annually according to the mission and goals below.


The University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal is an endeavor founded on the premise that the law, as a mediator, must be tasked with promoting and protecting economic growth. No other publication exists in Puerto Rico dedicated to the relationship between law and business. The Journal fills this void as a forum for academics, practitioners, and students who share a common concern: helping to improve our standard of living.

We intend for the publication to serve as a platform for novel issues, as well as old ones that may need revising. Our goal is to reach a variety of readers, ranging from law school students and professors, to the judiciary and politicians, to practitioners from different disciplines, not only from the legal field, but also from business and economic spheres.


1. Incite an academic and professional discussion of business law topics.

2. Produce rigorous, well-substantiated, and provocative research and conferences   directed towards further developing Puerto Rico’s economy by focusing on the following topics, among others:

  • Promoting an entrepreneurial culture in Puerto Rico.

  • Encouraging, educating, and reporting on knowledge-based economic activities.

  • Supporting sustainable development, renewable energy initiatives, and responsible environmental protection.

  • Mitigating information asymmetry among market participants.


3. Establish partnerships among key players within the University of Puerto Rico, the   government, and private entities.

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